Identifying colours, years, and tags of NIKE.

Identifying colours, years, and tags of NIKE.

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Want to know a bit more about what you're buying, why it's worth the price you're paying (or isn't) and what tags date back to each year? Each label tells a story, and we'll unwrap the threads of time, history, colours, and years; showing you how to easily identify the date of the Nike tags that you're buying from the 70's to the early 2000's


A Kaleidoscope of Colors

As we move through the decades, the Nike tags transform into a kaleidoscope of colors. In the 1980s, the tag took on a red hue, symbolizing the vibrancy and boldness of the era. The '80s were a time of neon, big hair, and groundbreaking fashion, and Nike was right in the midst of it.

The 1990s brought a shift to a black tag with white lettering. This minimalistic design was a reflection of the era's move towards sleek and simple aesthetics. Nike, as always, was quick to adapt and redefine its image.

The early 2000s ushered in an era of experimentation. Nike tags embraced various colors, from black and white to red and blue, mirroring the eclectic styles that defined the turn of the century. It was a time of self-expression, and Nike tags became a canvas for the brand's dynamic identity.


The 1970 - to mid 80's: A Humble Beginning

If you've ever held a vintage Nike piece in your hands, you've probably noticed that tiny tag stitched onto it. That inconspicuous tag is not just a label; it's a time capsule. Nike tags have evolved over the years, mirroring the brand's growth and changing style trends.

In its infancy, Nike tags were humble yet distinctive. They were simple and straightforward; a blue rectangular tag with "Nike" in bold white letters was the hallmark of the brand's nascent years. These tags tell stories of the early days when Nike was taking its first steps towards becoming an athletic powerhouse.

The mid 1980's - early 90's: A Splash of Red

Fast forward to the '80s, an era synonymous with vibrant colors and bold statements. Nike tags reflected this spirit by donning a red hue. The iconic red tag, often paired with a white swoosh, encapsulated the energy and dynamism of the decade. Think high-tops, tracksuits, and an unapologetic sense of style – the '80s were a time when Nike truly stepped into the limelight.

The 1990s:

The 1990's: Black and White Minimalism

As we enter the '90s, Nike underwent a style metamorphosis. The tag shifted to a black backdrop with white lettering, embracing the minimalist aesthetic of the era. It was a time of iconic sneaker releases, the rise of streetwear, and a cultural shift towards simplicity. Nike tags from the '90s embody this understated elegance, making them sought-after gems for collectors.



The Early 2000s to late 2000's: A Burst of Colors and Experimentation

The turn of the millennium marked an era of experimentation for Nike tags. The early 2000s saw grey tags turn to a burst of colors and diverse design approaches. Tags could be black, white, blue, red – a true kaleidoscope reflecting the eclectic nature of the fashion landscape. Fonts varied from bold to sleek, offering a wide range of styles for fashion enthusiasts.

Decoding the Years

"How can I tell the age of my vintage Nike find?" Decoding the years on Nike tags is like uncovering a hidden language. The colour of the tag, the font style, and the placement of the information offer info/clues.

For instance, a blue tag with a serif font might indicate a piece from the '70s, while a red tag with a bold font could be from the '80s. The black and white tags of the '90s are distinctive, and the colorful tags from the 2000s onwards mark a more recent vintage.


Decoding the years:

For a visual evolution of the Nike tag, check out our comprehensive photo album here. It's like flipping through a fashion time capsule, capturing the essence of each decade and the evolution of Nike's visual identity.



Whether you're new to the world of vintage or consider yourself a seasoned pro, understanding the nuances of Nike tags adds an extra layer of appreciation to your finds. The next time you sift through our curated collection, you'll not only be selecting a piece of fashion but a piece of history.

As we continue to curate the best in vintage clothing, coffee, shoes, ceramics, and more, we invite you to explore the stories woven into each fabric, sip, and step. Our store is not just a space; it's a time capsule, and we're frothing to have you along for the ride.


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