Who is Rollo??

Who is Rollo??

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I'm Rollo aka Emma but no one really calls me that except for my family who call me Em or Ems.

I'm a professional, International, and Olympic Athlete who plays football. I've lived in Australia, Germany, and Norway for the past 6 or 7 years, and am currently back in NZ recovering after having to have 2 emergency spinal surgeries. I love business and I have a Bachelor of Business Majoring in Marketing that i'm putting to use (or trying to).

I co-owned a Vintage pop-up store in Newmarket and in Ponsonby Central before opening my own creative collective where I collaborate with other like-minded creatives to produce an all encompassing experience for customers. I want to own multiple businesses in the future and have that time freedom that we all crave while making some game changing sh happen, ifykwim. We're all about that leisure life too fam. 

We're f*cking out the gate with the pieces that we get in, and we do it all for you to make life easier and to provide you help with things such as the way to style a piece of clothing, find your style, provide gift ideas for friends, partners and family, and give valuable knowledge to all you vintage/y2k/sneaker-heads out there for whatever path you're on. 

I grew up in Welly with 3 brothers, one of which is my twin brother. One lives in the UK, one in Christchurch and one down in Queenstown, and I'm in Auckland - so we're all a little spread out at the moment but we good, we good! 

Anyway, that's who I am, and what i'm about. I love fashion, streetwear, and everything in between, I'm a massive foodie, and froth anything creative that makes you think. 


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